How to Choose the Right Pillow

The right Pillow is a very personal choice. One or many? Big and thick or little and lean? Above all, it’s like your mamma said: What’s on the inside is what really counts.

Identify Your Sleep Style
A Pillow’s number one function is to align your head and neck with your spine while you sleep. Chances are you stare at the screen at your desk or in your hand all day. This all puts an extraordinary amount of strain on your neck which makes up to 17% of your spine (fun fact). Give your neck a rest and make sure it gets proper alignment. Your sleep style dictates what kind of support you need, so, let’s start there:

Back Sleeper
Beware of a Pillow that pushes your head too far forward, which could lead to a stiff neck in the morning. A profile of four to six inches is ideal. The takeaway: This position is usually most comfortable with a medium amount of support – Shredded Pillow.

Stomach Sleeper
Some stomach sleepers are comfortable with no Pillow at all, since their necks rest in a neutral position. If a bed without a Pillow feels incomplete, opt for a Pillow on the thinner side. A super plump Pillow forces a stomach sleeper’s head into a pinched angle. The takeaway: This position generally requires the least amount of support – Reversible Pillow

Side Sleeper
You’re in good company — studies show that up to 69% of people sleep on their side. This position also creates the widest distance between your ear and shoulder, so maintaining alignment requires a lot of loft. The takeaway: This position needs the most support – Adjustable Pillow.

Know Your Pillow Fill
Pillows can be stuffed with anything. We set out to design a Pillow that was comfortable but also easy to care for, which ruled out uber-natural materials like buckwheat and horsehair. We also needed our Pillows to stay cool in warm temperatures without firming up when temperatures drop – eliminating synthetics like memory foam and latex. Thus, we created two fill options: all natural European White Down and premium microfiber down alternative.

In Summary
Choosing the best Pillow is always a sure way to improve your quality of sleep and ensure you awake feeling rested and refreshed. Be sure to take into account the filling inside of the Pillow as well as the position in which you typically sleep as these factors can have a major impact on the type of Pillow that is best suited for you.