Coccyx Orthopedic Seat Cushion

PREMIUM ERGONOMIC DESIGN: The ergonomic design of Lunavy Coccyx pillow tailbone cushion for bed is guaranteed to relieve pain and ensure proper alignment of the body through active support of the coccyx, leg, and spinal regions of the body.

    • NON-SKID ANTI-SLIP BOTTOM: This Certipur-US Certified Coccyx foam cushion is designed with a non-slip anti-slip bottom surface that holds the foam on the sitting surface, ensuring that the user and cushion do not slip off the chair. Highly recommended by doctors and chiropractors for its ergonomic design and many benefits to users.
    • VERSATILE MEMORY FOAM CUSHION: Lunavy memory cushion coccyx lumbar support for office chair is suitable for use with office chairs, home sofas, car seats, computer desks, workstation seats, gaming chairs, recliners, couches, benches, and bleachers. Ideal for camping, holiday, sports, and other recreational ventures. Perfect for truckers, car drivers, bikers, pilots, elderly people, and Yoga athletes during meditation. It is also friendly friendly for airplane use.
    • PREMIUM ZIPPERED MESH COVER: The premium mesh fabric cover of the tailbone support pillow for office chair is designed for guaranteed breathability and air circulation during use. The mesh cover is zippered, thus making it removable for easy maintenance. It can be machine washed and spin dried. It may also be hand-washed and laid flat to dry out.
    • IMPROVED CIRCULATION AND SPINAL ALIGNMENT: The Coccyx sitting cushion spreads body weight across the seat, thus giving the tailbone room to “float” into the U-shaped free space, unlike other products that will compress your coccyx or tailbone against the seat. Improves blood circulation to the lower extremities, and helps the lumbar discs to align correctly, for good spinal balance and healthy posture.
  • 13” x 12.5” x 4” (33 x 33 x 10.6 CM)

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US Certipur Certified queen size pillow
Shredded Memory Foam - Add or remove foam to adjust to your comfort
Breathable - allows maximum ventilation to keep you cool
Dust mite resistant anti-bacterial washable bamboo cover
Helps align your neck

Keep Your Back Happy!

All day long, wherever you go, your back supports you. We could tell you it’d only be fair to support your back in return, but the truth is that when your back feels better, you feel better.

Align Your Spine

The Lunavy Seat Cushion releases the pressure from your coccyx and tailbone allowing you to sit more comfortably for a prolonged amount of time; all while keeping your spine perfectly aligned, and your posture brilliant.

100% Memory Foam

Strong, 100% memory foam construction provides reliable support that helps keep your back in optimal form. Superior design and materials mean it’ll last longer and keep all the right support in all the right places.

Breathable and Hypoallergenic

Our mesh cover keeps you cool year-round long and hypoallergenic material allows you to enjoy maximum comfort.

Non-Slip Grip

The bottom of your Lunavy seat cushion comes with non-slip grip that will make sure that your cushion will stay put, as it should. Having a stable foundation improves posture and maximizes comfort.


Take your Lanavy Seat Cushion almost anywhere! Comfort doesn't have to be limited only to your favorite couch or armchair. Use your Lanavy Seat Cushion at home or at work.

Live Better

Lunavy evolved from a need to create better products that help us live better. We use our own products ourselves and know that if we aren’t 100% delighted with it, you won’t be either.