Lumbar Support Orthopedic Cushion

  • PERFECT CONTOUR AND BALANCE: Our lumbar support memory foam device is made of soft, sturdy, and contoured memory foam built to mimic the natural curve of your spine for optimum comfort and spinal alignment. Perfect for lower back and waist pain. Lumbar support never felt this comfortable.
  • RESILIENT HIGH-DENSITY MEMORY FOAM: Our lumbar support boasts a sturdy and yet soft, high-density memory foam for guaranteed comfort and relief from all lumbar pains and spinal misalignment. The memory foam used is Certipur-US Certified. Get a lumbar support that will meet the needs of your body efficiently. Get Lunavy Lumbar Support Orthopedic back rest pillow.
  • WELL VENTILATED MESH COVER: The cover of our lumbar support is made of high-quality mesh fabric for optimum ventilation and circulation of air, thus keeping the unit free of moisture and bacterial build up. The bamboo fabric has a closely-knit matrix to prevent mites and insects from gaining access to defecate and multiply. Plus, it is also machine washable.
  • PREMIUM ELASTIC STRAP SUPPORT: Our memory foam boasts two elastic straps for holding the lumbar device firmly to your office chair, home sofa, car seat, wheel chairs, and so on. This support ensures that your pillow does not slip off the chair to which it is attached. The elastic bands are durable and compatible with any chair for lasting performance.
  • IDEAL GIFT IDEA: Perfect for gifting your loved ones who are suffering from back pain, lumbo-sacral problems, and spondylosis. Also, it is suitable for friends and family members who work long hours sitting at a desk such as secretaries, freelancers, clerks, drivers, customer care agents, pilots and so forth. Users will benefit maximally from the ergonomic streamlined design of this backpain relieving, lumbar support device.

  • 12.5” x 12.5” x 4” (32 x 32 x 11 CM)

Pay now $20.99
$40.00 ( $19.01 off )
US Certipur Certified queen size pillow
Shredded Memory Foam - Add or remove foam to adjust to your comfort
Breathable - allows maximum ventilation to keep you cool
Dust mite resistant anti-bacterial washable bamboo cover
Helps align your neck

Keep Your Back Happy!

All day long, wherever you go, your back supports you. We could tell you it’d only be fair to support your back in return, but the truth is that when your back feels better, you feel better.

Align Your Spine

The Lunavy Seat Cushion releases the pressure from your coccyx and tailbone allowing you to sit more comfortably for a prolonged amount of time; all while keeping your spine perfectly aligned, and your posture brilliant.

100% Memory Foam

Strong, 100% memory foam construction provides reliable support that helps keep your back in optimal form. Superior design and materials mean it’ll last longer and keep all the right support in all the right places.

Breathable and Hypoallergenic

Our mesh cover keeps you cool year-round long and hypoallergenic material allows you to enjoy maximum comfort.

Dual Straps

Our unique double strap system keeps the cushion supporting you where you need it most.


Take your Lanavy Lumbar Cushion on your way to work and turn that stressful commute into something to look forward to. Can easily be adjusted to fit to a car seat or office chair. Turn that awful posture cramping office chair into a spine supporting throne!

Live Better

Lunavy evolved from a need to create better products that help us live better. We use our own products ourselves and know that if we aren’t 100% delighted with it, you won’t be either.